Install Time™ Help - Automation

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Install Time™ leverages an automation layer that was build by Savage Fly giving us the maximum ability to add features or modify the UI behavior.
Most users do not find a need to leverage our automation layer and instead leverage the command line and wildcard options. If you find a need however, all licensed Install Time™ users have full access to leverage our automation layer to build customized solutions. Contact our Sales Department if you would like to include any of our functionality in your product that would be distributed to your customers.

Command Line options

installtime.exe /compile "c:\project\MyFile.sfi" or installtime.exe /compile "c:\project\MyFile.msi"(slash or dash)
To make it completely silent installtime.exe /compile "c:\project\MyFile.sfi" -silent (slash or dash, .msi or .sfi) return value is zero on success, non-zero on failure


Install Time™ has a complete COM automation interface available for customizations. For additional details contact our Sales Department

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