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A feature is a part of the application's total functionality that a user recognizes and may decide to install independently. For example, a feature could be a secruitry add-on, a fire wall, or a back up utility. Hierarchical relationships of parent and child features commonly exist such that if a child feature is installed, the parent feature is automatically installed as well.


Title - what is displayed to the end user if they have an option to turn features on or off.

Visible - Determines if a feature should be displayed to the end user. Hidden features are typically used for orgaizational purposes in the installation.

Initially Expanded - Determines if all children features can initially be seen during the installation or if the feature tree is collapse and must be expanded to be viewed.

Description - a brief description of the feature (i.e. Spell Check - This will install the components needed to check spelling based on a common spelling dictionary)


Display Directory - The dirctory where the features components will be installed.

Allow Advertising - allow for features to be installed on demand which saves disk space and initial installation install time.

Enabled - Endicates wheter the feature will be initially enabled.

Favor Advertising - Indicates the "default behavior" of this featuer is to favor advertisement

Favor Local Install or Favor Install Source - Only one option can be set to true. Either favor installing the files locally or favor running the application from source (a relative directory structure to the executed MSI)

Inherit Parent Attributes - Uses the parents installation state to as it's own installation state.

Install Level - Sets the install level of the feature. Processing the Condition Table can modify the level value. An install level of 0 (zero) disables the item and prevents it from being displayed. A feature with an installation level of 0 (zero) is not installed during any installation, including administrative installations. For more information, see the "Install Level" information in the Remarks section of this topic.

No Unsupported Advertisements - Set this to disable advertising for the feature if the operating system shell does not support Windows Installer descriptors.

Required - Indicates that the feature must be installed for the application to operate properly


Key - A unique installer key used to identify the Windows Installer resource

Parent Key - The associated parent feature windows installer resource identifier. Empty indicates no parent is associated with this featuere.

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