Install Time™ Help - Getting Started

This section will aid an Install Time™ user with product navigation, registration, obtaining updates and overall product use.
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Install Time™ follows windows standard ribbon bar / page view styling for ease of navigation and application familiarity. Use the top tab navigation to locate the are of interest within the install. For instance, if the author is customizing the dialogs within the installation they would select the "User Interface" tab.

To learn more about each individual tab; select from the options below:
User Interface

The ribbon bar page navigation will direct and installation author to a work area or a page. For example, selecting the "Resources" tab (as described above) will expose pages for files, registry values and keys, odbc entries, etc... An author would select the page that corresponds to the area in the installation that they would like to work on. The main appeal of the Ribbon is that it exposes commonly used features. In addition, the Ribbon exposes useful features that many users don't know about or don't bother with because they don't want to spend the time hunting for the feature.

The work Area is centralized in Install Time's view and changes depending on what page has been selected. For instance if the "files" page is selected an author would see the area in the install associated with adding, deleting or modifying files from within the installation.

Work Area

The work area navigation can contain several windows or a single pane depending upon the page that has been selected. The main component of the work area is:

Property window: The property view is the primary location for modification of detailed attributes. This window updates based on what is currently selected in the work area. For example, if the welcome dialog has been selected (as demonstrated in the picture below) the attributes in the property window are associated with the Welcome dialog.

Toolbox: The user interface work space contains a "toolbox" window where controls that could be used in an installation are readily available. Simply drag the control from the toolbox and position on the dialog to be edited. Once in position, the property window will display any attribute associated with the control for customization

Work Area Navigation: Some sections of an install contain main installation attributes that may need to be modified. For instance the User Interface has many dialogs. On the Actions page, there are several actions which can optionally be added to an installation. Easy navigation is possible by using the Work Area Navigation window to select the individual installation attribute of interest (i.e. the welcome dialog)

Start Menu

The Start Menu is where an Install Time™ user will find the following features:
  • Licensing
  • Options
  • About
  • New Install
  • Open
  • Save/Save As


Savage Fly allows a "try before you buy" with 30 evaluation. Once you decide to purchase Install Time, select the licensing option from the start menu and select "obtain a serial number" to be directed to the Savage Fly shopping cart. Once a purchase has been validated and you receive a serial number, register the product by putting serial numbuer in the provide edit control and selecting "register". Registering your purchase will ensure uninterrupted usage of Install Time™.


Options determine how the product will work under certain circumstances such as "check for product updates on startup". Select the following link for a more detailed description of each Option


Install Time™ users can find acknowledgments and license agreement on the About box. In addition, a manual "check for updates" is located here to allow for "any time" updating.

Checking for Updates

Check for updates calls into Savage Fly's web domain and passes in product version and serial number to search for any available updates for the requesting registered product, therefore the computer from which updates are being checked must be connected to the internet. Additionally updates are available for download from Savage Fly's website.


A new Windows Installer installation can be created from selecting any of the following items.
Install Time Install - Create a new MSI from Install Time™ default distibuted installation template
Template - allows an author to create and select their own template to start a Windows Installer installation. Common scenario is a custom standardized user interface with internal corporate branding
Capture Setup - allows an administrator to "capture" the changes made to a machine during the installation of a product giving them the ability to customize an installation to meet their own security and network requirements.
Transform - opens the base MSI for edit, however only saves the modifications made during edit allowing a small package (.mst) for customization.


Install Time™ can open the following files for installation creation:
.sfi - Savage Fly project file which when compiled creates an MSI
.MSI - A Windows Installer installation file
.MST - A Windows Installer Transform

Save/Save As

Saves any edits to a previously created MSI or SFI. Save As saves a new MSI or SFI, prompting for a save location. Allows user to select a save to directory or to change the name of an existing MSI or SFI.

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