Install Time™ Help - Projects (.SFI)

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The Project tab in Install Time™ is used to set overall installation configuration options and is where overall installation project settings can be found.


Customize installation attributes and set options for upgrading from previous versions.

The following installation properties can be set on the Properties page...
- Manufacturer
- Product Name
- Product Version
- Product Code
- Upgrade Code
- Default Language

Installations can require a specific version of Windows that is required before an application can be installed. The following options are available to ensure the Windows environment is correct for the application.
  - Windows 9x (includes Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME)
  - Windows NT
    * Set Minimum Version
    * Set Maximum Version
    * Indicate if a Server OS is required
    * Indicate if a 64bit OS is required
    * Customize the message if the required operating system support is not found.

Build Settings

Customize the type of installation media to create More...

Summary Information

Configure summary information for the installation such as contact details and the minimum required Windows Installer Version. More...

Application Search

Configure custom searches that can scan for files, registry keys or existing installation components More...


Configure operating system and software prerequisites to scan for when the installation starts. This can be used to set installation properties or a custom message can be displayed. More...


Configure installation properties and source path variable that can be used to replace path strings for resources, custom actions and other path related items. More...

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