Install Time™ Help - Prerequisites

Configure operating system and software prerequisites to scan for when the installation starts. This can be used to set installation properties, create a cuatom message can be displayed, or remediation options to ensure a properly configured environment has been established prior to the application installation.

What is in this section

  • Software Prerequisites Overview
  • Product Family
  • Releases
  • Cabs
  • Output Directory
  • Selected Prerequisites
  • Remediation Options

Software Prerequisites Overview

Prerequisites are broken down into two sub categories; Product families and releases. While multiple product families can be added to the search, single releases within the product family can be examined. Users can extend and modify prerequisites by editing the prereqs.xml file located in the Installtime product folder. The prerequs.xml leverages the OVAL standards. Visit OVAL for inforamtion regarding OVAL standards and their repositories for sharing content to find thousand of applications which can be searched or create your own seach using the OVAL language.

Product Family

Group of products derived from a common product platform.


An individually released and identifile piece of software or software product. Often most easily identified by the software version.

Display Missing Prerequisites only

By selecting this option no action will be taken to resolve the lack of any prerequisite and it will be solely up to the whomever is running the install to manually resolve any missing prerequisites before the appliction can be installed.

Remediation Options

Assisted remeidation options if the prerequisite is not found (i.e install the prerequisite)

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