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Merge modules provide a standard method by which developers deliver shared Windows Installer components and setup logic to their applications.

When a merge module is merged into the .msi file of an application, all the information and resources required to install the components delivered by the merge module are incorporated into the application's .msi file. However, a merge module cannot be installed alone, it must be merged into an installation package using the merge capabilities in Install Time™. To add a Merge Module into an installation select

To get started with adding Merge Modulces, first select the "Resources" tab then select "Merge Modules".

NOTE: More information about Merge Modules can be found on msdn at About Merge Modules

Feature Selection

Merge Modules are associated with a feature. The first step to adding a Merge Module to and installation is to use the provided feature list dropdown. The selected feature in this drop down it the feature that Merge Module will be associated with during installation.

Add Merge Modules

To add a predefined Merge Module use the add button and check the merge modules to be assocaited with the choosen feature and select OK.

To remove a Merge Module from the installation, select the feature associated with the Merge Module, Highlight the Merge Module to be removed and select the "remove" button.

The source path can be set for locating the Merge Module for future compiles. By default, Install Time™ will establish the source path at the time the Merge Module was added to the installation, however if the location changes, update the source path to the new Merge Module location for successful compiles.

Merge Modules search paths

When Install Time&trade was installed a default location to locate merge modules was selected. Additional locations can be added to the by selecting the main menu, options, Merge Modules.

Select add to include addition directories including network directories. Check the "subfolders" checkbox if merge modules are also located in sub-directories.

To remove a location, check the checkbox next to the path and select delete.

Merge Modules

See Merge Modules page for addtional information on the compartmentalizing common and sharable components into a Merge Module.

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