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SavageSnap™ is a c++ (no runtimes required to run) capture utility that can convert changes to a machine to a MSI install. Savage Snap™ can be executed from Install Time's™ menu or stand alone. The exe is located in Install Time's™ program directory and can be moved to a clean machine and used by any Install Time™ licensed user.

To start a capture use a clean install of your operating system with no applications installed. It is recommended to create an image of your clean operating system so that you can deploy this image (rather than re-installing the operating system) prior to each setup capture you will perform.

In addition it is recommended that you first execut SavageSnap on the image using the Wizard to build build a custom exclusion list. You simple execute the wizard and reboot the system at the execution screen. When the machine has restarted, select SavageSnap™ and use the "use exisiting scan" option. Whatever files or registry keys are found to have changed should be added to the "always exclude" list so that they are not captured in additional installation captures.

Settings Summary

Settings Summary is a quick view of the setting for this capture.

To Modify settings select the "Modify Settings" option.

File Capture Settings

File Capture settings include:
  • Path(s) to scan
  • Capture INI files located in the Windows Direcotry
  • Capture Delted Files
  • Capture file versions between scans.
  • Convert COM registration registry keys to advertising tables

File Scan Exclusion List

The File exclusion list can be modified by adding or removing paths or specific files from the exclude list.

Registry Scan Exclusion List and settings

The Registry exclusion list can be modified by adding or removing paths or specific keys from the exclude list.

Snap shot - prescan

The prescan will store the current state information in the location specified. If a previous scan has been executed, the prescan step can be skipped and the the identified prescan information will be used. It is recommended that prescans are saved with images to make repackaging more efficient.

Execution Screen

The execution screen is where changes should happen to the machine. The command line execution option is merely provided as a convience. And change, whether by hand modification to the system or running legacy installations, will be captured.

Post Scan Validation

The post scan validation screen ensures that all desired changes have taken place. If additional changes are required (i.e. executing a program to capture first time use settings) they should be done at this stage.

Post Scan Execution

During the post scan execution, SavageSnap™ is investigating the system and building a list of any changes that may have happened.

Resouce Includes

A list of files and registry keys are presented which will be included in the final install. A review of these resource includes allows a user to exclude individual resources saving clean up time later. In addition, if resources are found that should always be excluded, they can be added to the global exclude list at this time.

Resouce Excludes

A list of resources that did change on the system, however they were in exclude list (local or global) and will not be included in the final installation. A review of these resources is recommended and individual resources can be added to the installation using the "include" option.


To complete the capture, give the product a name that makes is easy to identify, version (usually product version), and complete the destination direcotry which identifies where the MSI will be saved.

The information gather can be appened to and existing installtion by selecting the "append to existing file" option.

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