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The translations page is where an installation author manages strings and any localized copy of those strings. The translation page consists of a table with the following columns:
   • Translated
   • Location
   • Default Language
   • Translated string

Importing and exporting strings can be done through the import/export buttons located on the ribbon bar or select the Languages page
All strings available in the installation are accessible from the translation page. While not all strings require translation for the installation user interface, additional strings may require translation for the custom action, directory names or file name changes.

Translated Column

The tanslated column indicates if a specific string has been translated and controls the "export only strings requiring tranlation" functionality. As new strings are added this field clearly indicates what strings require translation and those that are already translated. In addition if strings in the default language change, the field indicates those strings whre translation updates are required.

Location Column

The Location Column on the translation page indicate where the string resource is within the installation. For instance if the string is associated with an error message the column indicates "Error Message:".
Additionally this column indicates if the string is unique or represents multiple rows. For instance the control text "&Next" is clearly idetified as representing multiple rows. Only one translation is requried and only one instance of the string will be exported for translaation.

Default Column

The default column represents the 'working' copy of the project file and will be in the code page and local of the original installation file. Also this represents the default build if no other language is selected.

Translated strings Column

The last column's values can be changed according to what language the installation developer is working on. Select the language from the dropdown list in the column header to see the strings associaated with the selected translation.

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